Our Yearbook arrives: MMI Memoirs

Yes. After only two years of delay and a small matter of the original team totally dissolving and new team taking the wheels, we finally had our yearbook released. Sounds a lot of mess eh?

The ceremony last night took place in our college’s auditorium. It was pretty informal gathering (or maybe they wanted it to be formal, but we the audience, didn’t let them). I clearly remember that two years back we gathered here, exactly in the same auditorium to select-cum-elect our original YearBook team. The major issue under discussion that day was that what kind of book should we come up. We were pretty adamant that  it should contain all the stuff which our batch shares. The people on the other side wanted to just limit it to the content which can be nicely, proudly, safely shown to one’s parents. As much as the latter idea sounds logical, I thought it was pretty dumb as we hardly did anything decent which was exciting enough to be added in the book…hehe. Kudos to the current team for finding the middle line and more or less incorporating all the stuff in such a subtle manner that I doubt any outsider can get the true scheme of things (unless your name is Waqsy).

I was sitting right in the second last row with a series of girls sitting behind me. You have to admit that you feel like pulling your hair when you go through what the girls really talk about.

gal 1: you didnt call me all this timeeee..
gal 2: you didnt call me tooo ..
gal 1: you didnt even mail meee..
gal 2: you didnt even scrap meee…
gal 1: you didnt even post meee ..

it was kinda cute at first, but later I just so had to go and get seated with my ever-so-trustful maulvi contingent which is more renowned for cracking psycho jokes in college than talking sense.

Anyways back to topic. They named the yearbook as MMI Memoirs. MMI stands for 2001 in Roman (in FAST-NU, you are known by the year you are enrolled). It was the idea of some lass and looks kinda kinky at first but the designers did a fantastic job in making it look like a book found from rubbles of ancient Roman ruins and all.
MMI Memoirs
Overall I guess the delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise. As the batch reunion and then yearbook itself revived all the memories of our time in the university. It is sure fun to read for us and I am sure as more time passes by, the more nostalgic it’ll get.

And also I totally confess my inability here as I was part of the initial original team as the designer but due to my tableeghi activities and then later on shifting far off to Peshawar, limited my contribution to a couple of articles only. Infact, like a year back or so I thought there was no yearbook coming out. It was only one day, Omar Salman contacted me to write a report on Softec (Softec was a huge event we organized during our time, I was part of the executive committee). Without grasping the whole concept, I wrote him a long detailed boring report on the achievements of Softec crammed up with obnoxious stats. Long story short, he replied mentioning the fact that they don’t need a friggin CNN report on Softec but an insider view like what Softec was to us. Only then I got the idea (yea I am a bit slow).

Anyways, I came up with the article (page 1 & page 2). I tried to add a bit about each of our Softec team member but incase I missed anyone out or didn’t mention him/her in a justified manner (as there was one sweet frand of mine eating my head the other day) then apologies.

And yea don’t ask me why we named it a ‘Mega’ story.

PS: YAY, my bhabee got admission in a top business school in NY. Congratulations !! Good Luck in the future ..and make us proud ! 🙂


7 Responses to “Our Yearbook arrives: MMI Memoirs”

  1. Adil Iqbal Khan Says:

    aaalaaaa Muneeb!!! it was nice reading “Our Yearbook arrives: MMI Memoirs” especially the conversation b/w grls :)…..so it means that disco maulvi is a fit title 😛 …anyways… keeep it up…mere khayaal ha k tuu acha likh leta haa 😀

  2. Omar Says:

    I think that the best part about it all was that we got to get together again after such a long time. By the way, which sweet frand did you miss in the article?

  3. Rehan (Pawain) Says:

    Yeah which one did you miss, coz I thought you hadnt missed any.

  4. Muneeb Says:

    hay aik yaar .. I didn’t miss, apparently didn’t mention in a right manner or so 😉

  5. Huriya M. Says:

    OOh i love the design of the year book. So Harry Potter style :P~~
    From an outsider prespective, after the first para all I could read was names and names and names..

  6. yaser awan Says:

    O bhai yearbook team auditorium mai nahi JIV mai select howe thi..

  7. Ali Adnan Says:

    Lolz….just read your report. Aala…..well just saying hello to all in Paki land. 😀

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