woha, even Steve Jobs agrees…

Yes, he so agrees with my previous post.
ok it might be the other way round, as Steve Jobs made this speech like around two years back but honestly (and forgive my ignorance) I only had the chance to read the transcript yesterday. Its a cute speech. You can get the video from here or read the transcript.

He basically makes the same point of following intuition and doing what you really like to do in your professional career. He connects the dots of his life backward and beleives that most of the revolutionary work which Apple did has lot to do with Jobs making decisions on the basis of what he wanted to do rather than what others wanted from him. And he made it clear that it was’t a joyride at first as he had to go through a lot of struggle initially.

He also mentions the thing (which my so beautiful sister also raised here) that we shouldn’t be living a life which others want us to live. Our standards, priorities, ambitions , aims etc should not be based upon the society demands.

I just can’t agree more. In my life, I have experienced this first hand that whenever I broke the shangle of society and took the liberty of making decisions with no strings attached, new avenues have opened up for me. I’ve understood things in a totally unique perspective.

And I’ll broader the vision here that it’s not just what others think about you, it’s about everything the society/world preaches. The lust for money, fame and the materialistic aspect of life. People DO follow what they think, it’s just their thinking is biased in terms of the materialistic gains. Can we, for once, think outside the paradigm of having a hi-fi life style, a never ending lust for money and fame etc? It’s pretty difficult but I sincerely beleive that this where the true freedom of thinking is achieved.

One more interesting thing Jobs mentioned in the speech is the concept of death. People in today’s world hardly talk about death. Its like a taboo. So it’s kinda surprising that a person who day & night involved in planning of wordly life can churn out a few thoughts about death. He acknowledges death as source of motivation for this life where as I use at a source of motivation for after life. Not surprising as very few people in the world have a true beleive in the happenings of the after-life regardless from which religion (or anti-religion) they belong to. I’ll touch on it some other day.

PS: incase anyone who doesn’t know Steve Jobs, he is the CEO of Apple, the revolutionary company which changed the way people used PCs. Steve Jobs has been the brain behind Macintosh, Pixar Animations, iPod and soon-to-be-released iPhone. Wikipedia Entry


2 Responses to “woha, even Steve Jobs agrees…”

  1. Omar Says:

    So does this mean that you’ll get an iPhone when it hits the market? 😛

  2. Muneeb Says:

    Yea, I’ll love to.
    but unfortunately buying an iPhone has less to do with ‘what I think’ and more to with ‘what I can afford’ 😉

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