Do you love your job?

There was this ‘Career Counseling’ session in FAST-NU (the college from which I did my graduation) a couple of weeks back. They invited the Alumini which were working in various industries since graduation. A few of my old batch-mates were also invited to be part of the panel. One of my old friend, who had just come from USA for a visit (he works in Microsoft) was in their counseling panel. So I thought its a nice opportunity to meet him and also I’ll get to visit my university after a couple of months.

The session went ok. Unsurprisingly most of the questions posed by the students were very much the same which we used to have in our time. Most of them were concerned about what kind of company should they prefer once they graduate, when/how should they plan their Masters and other scholarship details.

Interestingly, it was pretty unanimously decided that the Masters degree is very much of a social requirement rather a true professional one. All of them were of the opinon that right now neither any university here in Pakistan provides the true environment to carry the research needed for Masters nor the industry considerably differs between a Bachelors or Masters when it comes to their salary structure. It’s just that the society holds a better repute for a Masters rather than a mere Bachelors. I had this feeling for quite sometime but it very much got solid.

The thing which really bugged me throughout the session that people (on & off the stage) were tying up their opinons/decision totally on the basis of what financial implications it has in future. All other factors like professional growth etc were given secondary importance. Though I don’t deny the importance of cool pay cheque at the end of the month but the crucial crucial factor that, what kind of job do you really want to do  & where your interest basically lies, was very much ignored.

They were ready to change their field (from computers to management to marketing to whatever), all on the basis of how financially it strives them. This was kinda disappointing to me that a fresh graduate entering in the industry has his total aspirations based majorly upon a mere salary he receives.

I might be wrong here but i absolutely beleive in pursuing a career which excites me. I didn’t get the chance to speak there but to me the utmost importance when choosing a job is to decide how much does it appeals one? The point that whether going 9am-5pm everyday for a certain kind of work interests you? It’s easy to denounce this but spending 1/3rd of your day (or sometimes even more in our industry) in an environment which you totally despise is no less than living in a torture cell. You might get a super cheque at the end of the month but under-estimating the value of a stable loving work environment is dreadful. If you want to be just another guy in the industry, then get a job which pays more but if you really want to excel in your field and pop out as a true class in your whole industry then you have to have a job which embodies your mind as well as heart. It might be a bit challenging at first. There might be times when you would be needing to sacrifice better financial opportunites but no pains, no gains. How can a person work dedicatedly to something which he doesn’t like, is way above me. People with jobs, which they don’t like, have a time-oriented approach while people with jobs, which they love, have work-oriented approach. The latter’s attitude is driven towards the quality and the excellence of the work, they are putting their sweat on, rather than just the money attributed to it.

One should look out in the market. See the kinds of job out there and then select the one which appeals him/her the most (although this step should had been taken even before Bachelors, in deciding what field you want to pursue but anyways). Naturally, its plausible to beleive that you won’t get that job straight away. You might be needing to work with smaller pay or in a team which you simply HATE but your vision is clear that what you plan to achieve then everything becomes pretty straight. You won’t be needing to ask whether one should prefer a bigger company or a smaller company? or should pursue Masters after 5 years or tommorrow? When you have your goal set, then things becomes crystal clear.

I have seen people who have job which they don’t like. I don’t know how they cope with those 8 hours on the trot, where their half-mind is lurking with the needles of the clock, waiting when time will be up and it’s over. And waking up every Monday with a Garfield face. Hardly an inspiring life, is it? I love this quote of Confucious, pretty much summarizes my point:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

makes sense, eh ?


4 Responses to “Do you love your job?”

  1. Huriya M. Says:

    Interesting concept.
    If everybody start to think like that then who will be do the job of Janitors, cleaners, waiters etc 😛

    On a serious note I think it is very sad that our young people think of a degree as a money making piece of paper. Because it is definitely not that. If one is studying just with the thinking that the sole reason for this effort is to make money then all the time and work is wasted in the process.

    I think it is also our parents fault who has the same thinking and then instilled it in us as well. How many parents will encourage thier son to study lets say History. and why not just because what is the Return On Investment. The monetary gain will be at minimum.

    Also we are raised in way that we always meet others expectations. Nothing is ever about us being happy or what we want to do. Individual mean nothing in our society, every achievment is for the family or your community.

    In my opinion there should be a balance between the two mindsets. You do have to be practical when choosing a job, money is a important factor in most poeple’s life (neebz not you ofcourse).

  2. Fahad Says:

    I bet you wrote this during your work hours and it just shows how you spend your time at work (by not looking at needles of clock!) 🙂 🙂

    You raised some good points. One needs to enjoy the job and only then he/she would invest more time and energy into it and eventually grow.

    I am firm supporter of the ideology of ‘change’. Change in everything you do. change your job role, your every day routine, change in your preception, your thinking, your priorities and list goes on. Change creates excitement and enable exponential growth. btw, not to forget, CHANGE is not at all easy to adopt. It’s too much inconvenience for a smoothly sailing life.
    did i get off the track? oops

    Keep the good writings coming. It good to know what you two thinking all the time.

  3. woha, even Steve Jobs agrees… « nEEbz Blog Says:

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  4. Gel Fuel Says:

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