a personal milestone …

I have been thinking of setting up a blog for quite sometime. I have this fetish for writing since I was in school but due to me being a possessive person, kinda prevented it. I have been pretty reluctant in sharing my innerself to someone which is why I find this to be pretty revolutionary. For once I will be babbling about thoughts  which were simply limited to the realms of my personal diary before. Even now I have a few qualms about what to write and what not but since the whole blogosphere have exploded into a true platform for having a voice, I think it’s very much about time.

What do I plan to write is still unknown but I will very much hop around my personal day to day life (which you may have no interest in), my professional ramblings (which might get a bit geeky, as I belong to a Computer Science background) and religious concepts (which you may not agree with but who cares). I hope it turns out to be a pretty exciting ride.

If you know about RSS feeds, then click here to subscribe else make this site as your home page so that you get a true blessful sight whenever you open up your otherwise dreaded browser.

I will try to update the site as often as possible apart from those far and few days when I am on a religious adventure and don’t even have time to access internet. I certainly hope you play your part and honour me with your crappyness through comments.

So let us cut the red ribbon, as finally the cyberspace have something classy to be proud of.


7 Responses to “a personal milestone …”

  1. Fahad Aziz Says:

    It works. I can see it. Good show!

  2. Omar Says:

    Looking forward to the ramblings and chusses 🙂

  3. Huriya M. Says:

    Good Luck. Cant wait to read the new posts!

  4. Umair Says:

    ppl dont reply here if the comment arent “nice” enough he deletes them

  5. Ch0c0 Says:

    yaar waisey after looking at ur blog m strongly thinking abt making mine too :D…let the intellect come out 😉

  6. Muneeb Says:

    Yea sure.

    Good Luck 🙂

  7. ch0c0 Says:

    so u will tell me wat to write n wat not to?!!dis is expression of my inner thoughts (doesnt matter even if they are of zamana-e-jahaliat:P) n they r bound to come out :D…u were supposed to add link to my blog!

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